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My Medium Sized Business, Inc.

Kitchen Cabinets - Bathroom Cabinets - Closets

Wall Units - Garage Organizers


Photo Gallery

Moinyhans Moinyhans Custom Built Corner Wall Unit. Our finish product. 119440033 Custom Built Corner Wall Unit. Our finish product with doors opened. 119440134 Custom Built Corner Wall Unit. Bottom Side 119440135 New Mantle Front View 119440137 New Mantle Closer View 119440138 New Mantle Side View 119440136 Wet Bar Overview Manufactured in Maple Wood And painted in a custom color. 119440139 Wall cabinets with glass doors Client Pick the glass ( Dense Seedy )from our glass selection ( about 30 different kind of glasses ) 119440140 bottom cabinets Wet bar without Sink, as client request. 119440141 Pull outs Pull outs are a popular choice, at this way make the day to day living more comfortable at the time of reach the back side of the cabinets. 119440142 Lighting All light fixtures are hided in a panels, no wires exposed or big fluorescent lamps. This pocket lights are a LED technology, it means 1- Low voltage (12 V AC ) 2- 2 W Consumption 3- No hot surfaces 4- Last 10 000 Hours or more. 119440143 Happy customers They are very happy with their new pieces of furniture and thinking into do the Bathrooms remodeling and the kitchen. Work for this Clients was a special experience, beautiful people. 119440144